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Software Staff Augmentation Rates in Switzerland: Web and Mobile App Development in 2024

Switzerland, known for its robust economy and technological advancements, is a leading player in the software development sector. In 2024, the demand for software staff augmentation, especially in web and mobile app development, has seen a significant upsurge. This article explores the current rates for software staff augmentation in Switzerland, focusing on web and mobile app development domains.

Web Development Augmentation Rates

1. Junior Web Developer: CHF 60 - CHF 80 per hour

- Responsibilities: Basic website development, maintenance, and updates.

- Skills: HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, and CMS platforms.

2. Mid-Level Web Developer: CHF 90 - CHF 120 per hour

- Responsibilities: Developing and maintaining more complex websites, including e-commerce platforms.

- Skills: Advanced JavaScript, frameworks like React or Angular, back-end languages like Python or Ruby.

3. Senior Web Developer: CHF 130 - CHF 160 per hour

- Responsibilities: Leading web development projects, ensuring scalability and security.

- Skills: Full-stack development, database management, cloud services, and DevOps practices.

Mobile App Development Augmentation Rates

1. Junior Mobile App Developer: CHF 70 - CHF 90 per hour

- Responsibilities: Assisting in mobile app development and testing for basic applications.

- Skills: Knowledge of Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android), basic UI/UX principles.

2. Mid-Level Mobile App Developer: CHF 100 - CHF 130 per hour

- Responsibilities: Developing and maintaining more complex mobile applications, integrating APIs.

- Skills: Advanced Swift or Kotlin, cross-platform tools like Flutter or React Native.

3. Senior Mobile App Developer: CHF 140 - CHF 180 per hour

- Responsibilities: Overseeing mobile app projects, focusing on performance, security, and cross-platform compatibility.

- Skills: Expertise in native and hybrid app development, back-end integration, cloud services.

Factors Influencing Rates

- Skill Level: The more advanced the skill set required, the higher the augmentation rate.

- Project Complexity: Projects with higher complexity, requiring cutting-edge technologies or specialized knowledge, command higher rates.

- Market Demand: Fluctuations in market demand for specific skills can affect augmentation rates.


Software staff augmentation in Switzerland for web and mobile app development in 2024 shows a trend of competitive rates, reflective of the high-quality talent and technological standards in the country. Companies seeking to augment their teams need to consider these rates while planning their budgets. The investment in skilled professionals is key to achieving innovative and efficient digital solutions in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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