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Shopify Success Stories: Top E-commerce Websites in Zurich

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Zurich is a booming e-commerce hub, and many success stories demonstrate how well Shopify works to support the growth of online businesses. These are nine outstanding Zurich-based e-commerce sites that have used Shopify's power to achieve amazing success:


StuntCoders, nestled in the heart of Zurich, stands out for its innovative approach to e-commerce. Their Shopify-powered platform showcases a diverse range of products, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. Visit StuntCoders.


Intertoons is a shining star in Zurich's e-commerce sphere, offering an extensive array of products through its Shopify-powered website. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been widely praised. You can explore their offerings at Intertoons and check out their profile on Clutch.


By utilising Shopify's features to create an intuitive platform, Encyphers has become a major player in the Zurich e-commerce market. A devoted clientele is drawn to their website due to its extensive product display.


In the cutthroat market of Zurich, AMBERWEB has made a name for itself with its Shopify-powered website, which is renowned for its premium goods and flawless shopping experience.

Sly AG

Sly AG has established a notable presence in Zurich's e-commerce scene by employing Shopify to construct an interactive and effective platform. Their success has been greatly aided by the user-friendly design of their website.

AMBERWEB has successfully utilized Shopify to create an e-commerce platform that resonates with its audience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their website's user-friendly interface. Clutch Profile :

Unity Group

With Shopify at its disposal, Unity Group has become a major force in Zurich's e-commerce market by providing its clients with a hassle-free shopping experience.


Within the dynamic realm of Zurich's online retail, these triumphs serve as prime examples of Shopify's revolutionary potential. Along with utilising Shopify's powerful features, these trailblazing companies—StuntCoders, Intertoons, Encyphers, Sly AG, AMBERWEB, KAELMO, Unity Group, and more—have also shown creativity, customer-centric thinking, and a commitment to excellence.

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